Q: Are there hidden charges?  A: You pay a maximum of £195* for your session and a comprehensive set of high quality, edited images on CD.  If you want something extra, like colour images converted to black and white, then there will be a nominal charge.
Q: How long will my session last?  A:  As long as it takes… although after three hours, we may decide to reconvene if we’re getting nowhere!  Most sessions typically last 60-90 minutes.
Q: How many people can you photograph at once?  A:  How long is a piece of string? If you can fit in the studio and within the confines of the backdrop, let’s try for a record!
Q:  What should I wear?  A:  Anything you’re comfy in!  Although colours are preferable to black or white, as our main backdrops are black/white and you may disappear!  Feel free to bring a change of outfit if you’d like a variety of images.
Q:  Do I need to bring anything?  A:  Just yourselves!  Although, if your child has a favourite toy or ‘best friend’ then please do bring them along as they’re part of their personality.  If it’s a massive dog, you may want to check with me first so we can make adequate arrangements.
Q:  When do I pay?  A:  We require payment on the day of your session, although this doesn’t restrict your consumer rights.  If there is anything you’re not happy with, don’t be afraid to talk with us – there’s no point in us doing this if you’re not happy!
Q:  Can you do me any prints or canvases?  A:  The basic package offers images on CD only, but we are always happy to share my knowledge of the print market. If you’d like prints or canvases, please consult our price package guide.
Q: Do you photograph pets? A: Yes, by prior discussion. Our studio environment is as stress-free as possible at all times, so we want to make sure your pet will feel comfortable. If you have a horse or an elephant, we will probably have to come to you though.
*£195 includes two printed photographs/canvases.