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Wyldshots is a partnership between two people who are driven by the same passions and ethos.

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Hello, I’m Sam Wyld, a Berkshire-born mum of two young boys, currently living in the Rutland countryside. I’ve been out-and-about with an SLR camera for almost 25 years, starting properly with a Photography GCSE. This inspired me through an A Level evening class and the construction of temporary processing labs and darkrooms in friends’ bedrooms, before spending a couple of years selling camera equipment for Jessops.

I then went on to become darkroom assistant for the Berks & Bucks Observer Group, where I discovered more could be learnt on-the-job in one day about people, deadlines and photographic techniques than any courses could offer.

I had a change of direction after a family bereavement, when I temporarily managed a friend’s mini-lab with a children’s portrait corner, leading to a period of contemplation, when photography was once again relegated to hobby status.

The advent of digital SLRs and having my own children motivated me to get back in the proverbial saddle and following a few years of taking my camera to every birthday party, event or day out I attended, I found a niche – commissioning photos for friends and their families without charging them an arm and a leg.

My business ethos relies on the consistency of great shots, combined with an affordable outcome for clients. When working out of a home-built mini studio, no marketing was ever required – all of my business came from word-of-mouth and recommendations. I am always patient and have the sense of humour of a three-year-old on demand.

Above all, I have two sons who refuse to sit together for a picture, so I understand the anxieties and reluctance of some families considering a studio shoot. Have a look at our testimonials page if you are in any doubt that Wyldshots is the right photographer for you.

Hi, my name’s Jay Francis. I am a father to two teenage boys and this, over the years, has equipped me with a great sense of humour and masses of patience. I enjoy the finer things in life, which, for me, include family, great friends and music – lots of music.

It was over 25 years ago that I discovered an interest in taking photos – first of all, as a young teen with a cheap, red plastic 35mm compact camera. That camera came everywhere with me, with a paper-round financing the cost of film and printing. After leaving school, I spent a short time working for a specialist photographic retailer. I was suddenly surrounded by the very best cameras and kit, and quickly built up an impressive array of my own gear.

Almost every spare moment was spent in search of more photographic opportunities and I thank my friends for supporting me, putting up with my demands to walk miles, scale walls and then sit around and not do an awful lot for a while. It was around this time that I realised photography was my vocation. I went on to study Lens-based media at De Montfort University’s art school in Lincoln.

Over the years, I’ve watched the technicalities of photography permeate into something more exciting, as we’re no longer stifled by limited formats. The art of taking pictures, though, will always remain a thing of absolute beauty and inspiration and I’m more hopeful than ever about what’s possible. I still lug my camera equipment around with me everywhere I go and will always strive to make every shot better than the last.

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